Thursday, April 23, 2015


 I know!
My posts are few and far between.
I post frequently to Facebook and Instagram (daily).
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Here's whats been going on in my kitchen--
I took some time off after Easter because I cranked out soooooooo
many Easter cookies that I needed some time off to just do FAMILY stuff.

Gender Reveal
these were to announce to coworkers what she's having.

I bought a plain white frosted cake and added the decor. 
I love doing this!
Someday I'd love to be a cake decorator (I don't want to bake them).
The above "casino" cookies were for a young fella turning 80.
He enjoys spending time at the casino.

Just some fun springy cookies.

These were for a young lady who turned 17.
She's a swimmer, a dancer, and iphone lover!

That's all!  
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Shanna said...

The casino cookies are fun!