My Story

Many people ask the how and why I ended up being a "cookier"--
that's what I'm called in the cookie decorating world.
Here's my story.
I was a teacher and my final year was challenging for whatever reason.
I would come home each night and I WAS GRUMPY!
Really, really grumpy!
I LOVED interacting with children but...
In October of 2010, I realized that I was not loving the job the way that I had for the previous
 12 years and it was time to move on---I just didn't know where I was going.
I wanted to find a hobby to "decompress"
 from testing, testing, testing, and what seemed like MORE TESTING.
I felt like a professional test giver--not a teacher.
The teaching profession has changed over the last ten years!

So I started visiting different blogs. 
I was so intrigued when I'd come across the blogs of creative women
who were documenting their journey of creating. 
I was also a bit sad that I was not creating!
I realized that my creativity was gone--long gone.
I made a decision to find my creativity that was hidden away.
I found a blog of a woman who was using cookies as her canvas--
I knew I wanted to give it a try.
So I did.
My husband borrowed his moms Kitchen Aid and made me some dough
 because I was scared to use a KA and I had never made cookie dough. 
Silly I know! 

The first few dozen cookies,
 while they were edible,
 they were not so cute. 
I tried and tried and tried some more!
I was determined to make beautiful cookies.
I'd come home from school each night and practice making and decorating cookies.
 they became more pleasing to my eyes
I realized that my stress level was getting lower and lower in the process.
Who would've thought?

Since I didn't really like sugar cookies myself,
I kept trying and modifying recipes until I created one that I liked.
By Christmas, I was getting to be an OKAY decorator.
I decided to make some snowflake cookies and sell them at a holiday boutique. 
I figured if they didn't sell,
 I could always give them away.
I made 4 dozen, all of the same design and crossed my fingers!

All of them sold in about 20 minutes.
oh so humbled!
I was touched to see that others were enjoying MY cookies. 
I felt like they were blessing me!

I made Valentine cookies.

I made Easter cookies.

I made Mother's Day cookies.

I made cookies for babies.

I made special cookies for special kids,

and adults fighting for their lives!

That's just what I was called to do!
It felt right.

I made lots and lots of cookies.
Again, I was blessed by the happiness cookies brought others.
I gave so many away to coworkers and friends--again I WAS BLESSED.
I also became certified by the state to sell cookies from home
(God's timing--another blessing)!

I realized that my God given talent of cookie decorating HAD to be used to serve others. 
So that's how I look at this cookie journey--
this is my way to serve by using my God given talents.

Sometimes I feel compelled to make cookies for someone---so I do. 
I don't always know the person or people, I just listen to my heart. 
I always hope they don't think I'm nutty by handing them some cookies!

It's just my way of saying
I'm thinking about you.
I care about you.
I feel for you.
I'm here for you.
I admire you.
I value you.
I appreciate you!
My cookies speak from the heart.

Of course,
orders have come along (lots of orders),
 but that's NOT why I create.
I create because it's the most rewarding "job" I've ever had. 
I give each order 100%!
 Every time I deliver cookies to someone and I see their facial expression,
 I am humbled. 
My heart is FULL!
Really full!
I also get this overwhelming feeling of realizing just how blessed I really am!
I always tell my husband that I cannot believe people pay ME
to do something I truly love doing!
allows me to serve others,
 to be a NON-grumpy mom and wife,
 and to create!
Who could ask for more?
Not me!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Where this cookie journey takes me,
only one person knows--
and I am completely trusting Him.
Love, Jackie

Everyone has a talent!
What talent are you blessed with?
Are you using it to serve others?
Imagine if everyone did...

PS- I no longer teach.
Maybe someday?
I think God saved my sanity through cookies.
I am so lucky!
That's HOW.
That's WHY.