Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Right Streets

 As my girls get ready to return to another school year in a few weeks,
the "pep-talk" remains the same year after year.

Of course the usual academic stuff,
but we always have deeper conversations about character.
It's what you do when NO ONE is watching!

While I do think academics are very important ( I am a former teacher ya know!),
CHARACTER is more important to me.
Good character comes from their heart
not a place of obligation.
I encourage them daily to travel the 
"good streets" while at school. 

Character traits will carry on with them their entire lives.

Their character will shine through on a college application and may make 
the difference between a YAY or NAY.

A bad character may stop them from getting their dream job.

My only wish for them each year is that they travel the streets that enhance their character.
Will they "slip up"?
Of course!
But having a great character will help them to learn form their "slip up".