Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NEW--I'm Shipping Minis

 After lots of research
and trying our different ways of packaging cookies for shipping,
 I think I have it!
I am now offering minis that can be shipped anywhere in the US!
They'll packaged like the pics below
4 mini cookies per bag
12 bags per order
(all of the same design)
anywhere in the US for $45

So...48 mini cookies all "cute-sy" 
for a friend, relative, or stranger I guess!

Just Because 
Thank You!

I'm so excited!  

When the lucky receiver opens the shipping box, they'll find a cute box like this


Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

Love all the minis - great idea!

Renee said...

I have a question about your packaging. I want to order boxes from BRP but not sure if I should get the 2 piece cookie boxes or if the ones you have shown above work just as well, even though they are deeper in depth.

Nikki K said...

Ahh minis, my favorite!