Monday, September 17, 2012

Whooo Doesn't Fit In?

These are for a local high school.
They got me thinking about my high school experience.
I remember that I never really "fit-in" with one particular group.
I had friends from each clique--jocks, nerds, mod punkers, artsy, students council, etc.
I liked it that way!
I was friendly to everyone and had many friends.

There were some mean girls that didn't like that I was friends with everyone.
They were so mean!
They tried saying mean things and poking fun of me--BULLIES!
I was really good at ignoring them, I always felt like they were just jealous.
They didn't really bother me.

I think about the high schoolers today who may not be able to "ignore" the bullies.
The ones who may not "fit in" so they're treated unfairly-bullied.
They must feel lonely.
It makes me sad!

Bullying can damage a persons soul and spirit.
It can guide the direction they take in life.
It makes a BIG impact for some while others just shake it off!

I can only hope that my OWN children
embrace the kids who don't "fit-in".


Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

Love all the owls! And your message about bullying too. Nice job!

Nikki K said...

I was the same when I went to Camelback High, I didn't feel the need to join a clique. My nephew is going through some bullying so I've been trying to talk to him about it and give him ways to cope with it.
Great post.