Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chevron Lines

I've wanted to make chevron patterned cookies for awhile.
I tried once but the lines were...not pretty.
Then I saw this chevron cutter at Plastics in Print and figured it couldn't hurt to try.
I decided to use it as a "press" to imprint the lines on the unbaked cookie

After baking, since the imprinted lines are still visible
I outlined them in white.

Filled in the white parts and let dry for about an hour
Then filled in with other colors and let dry overnight.

Easy as chevron pie!

These are probably some of the easiest cookies I've ever done
Only because I had that chevron cutter!


The Cookie Puzzle said...

Very nice! I think I will have to get this cutter....when it gets back in stock!

Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...


Nikki K said...

You might have just convinced me to buy that chevron cutter!