Thursday, August 30, 2012


As a mom, I know when my kids have a simple cold or headache,
I just want it to go away. 
I have been known to let my girls sleep with me
if they have a headache
just so I can make sure it's just a headache
they're breathing all night!
Crazy but.... I'm a mom!

These cookies are for a mom who is fighting a fight for her child.
She will never give up!
She also has a higher power who holds her hand.
He is a fighter too!

PS-For this order, I had the freedom to create from MY heart.
No rules, no boundries. (my favorite kind of order!)
I prayed and I kept envisioning WORDS that remind me of a mom.
It all came together.

When I took the box outside at 6:30 this morning to get a quick picture,
there must have been at least 5 birds sitting in my tree just singing their hearts out!
They haven't done that ever! 
Sometimes I hear one just "making noises" but not singing!
I know I heard them carrying a tune!
I froze because I felt like they were singing for these cookies.
I had their approval!
It was just one of those Godly moments that I'll never forget.