Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cute Little Worm

  I got an order for some "school" cookies.
I was feeling a bit "blah" about school cookies
since I just did a bazillion of them not too long ago.

Soooo... I went to the fabrics and craft store.
I needed a bit of inspiration.
I found this "school" fabric with a cute little worm
and since I was only thinking of the packaging,
I bought it.
I wasn't sure what I'd do for cookies but that will come--

A few days later,
Callye AKA Sugar Belle was reading my mind (I like to think she was!)
and she created this tutorial .
She helped my cute worm idea right along!

Here's the final product.
I think it's cute.

 Happy Birthday Headmaster Beskar!
Did you know?
A headmaster is in charge of a school just like a principal is.