Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Message Cookies

 A MESSAGE COOKIE is a cookie that sends YOUR message

Happy Birthday
Thank You
A Name
Any thing you want to say
The cutter I use the most for message cookies
is this one from Copper Gifts

Its the perfect size
3 1/2  x  2 1/8

It's perfect to use in a cookie box,
 in the front of a platter as the message cookie,
 random messages scattered in the platter.
Many uses!





Other cutters I've used for  MESSAGE cookies are:

I use this one a lot!

Fancy Square from Copper Gifts

You don't always have to stay with a "plaque" shape
you can be "spicy" and use one like this chef hat 
from Copper Gifts

I should be getting this one from Copper Gifts soon!

Fancy Long Rectangle Cookie Cutter 4.75
What's your message?