Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Box

As you know, there is a nifty little tool that can be used with cookie decorating
and it's called a
KOPYKAKE. (just like an overhead projector)
It's a projector used to project an image
on to a cake or cookie or anything else.
I LOVE my Kopykake.  I use it a lot!
It's a tool that makes my creating less stressful!
There are strong opinions about using a Kopykake, 
I happen to love it! 
I use it quite often and have accumulated
 many images, sayings, messages, etc.

At first, I would toss out the image after I used it.
 Then I realized that I should be saving them so they could be reused!

I fianlly decided to organize them into a cute little box! 

 I made dividers based on the ones I use most often

You may even notice that I have a section for HAND CUTS.
In case you're wondering what a HAND CUT is--
it's when you CANNOT find a certain cutter ANYWHERE,
you've searched for days on every cookie cutter website,
and you finally resort to creating the image/outline yourself,
then cutting carefully around your template with a knife.

I keep the templates I've made just in case I need them again.

I love my little box!
It keeps me sane!
Below is a picture of how I used to keep images!



Jaclyns Cookies said...

Your before picture looks A LOT like mine right now! I keep telling myself to get some sort of box like this but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for motivating me to organize!