Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's Your Plan Little Elves?

When I was a teacher of 30 --3rd graders and it was time to make holiday crafts, I always came up with a PLAN.

Let's say we were making a googly-eye, Valentine heart creature, with long dangly arms and legs.  (I'm sure you remember those, right?)

I didn't like "crazy-ness" so I'd have everything prepared ahead of time.
-small white squares to cut out eyes
-big squares to cut out heart body
-long strips for arms and legs
-one gluestick per child

Then I'd call the kids up in small groups to get their supplies.  Orderly.  Non-chaos.  Smooth.
A PLAN!  If all went well, each child would go home with a cute creature to hang on the fridge!
(I would always make the kids sign their artwork, write their age and the date so moms could cherish it forever!)

The same applies to when one MIGHT have to make over 35 dozen cookies in one week.
Rare, but it is true.

I get all of the ingredients ready so my little elves can come in and make the dough really fast!

This is where the magic happens for the elves.

 Butter soft, ready and out of packages.
Grab and go!

 Sugar scooped and pre-measured.

 Flavoring ready and pre-measured then poured into little cups

 Eggs cracked
 some whole egss and then just the yolks.

 Flour is measured and put into bowls-- ready to use.

 When I have everything ready, those little elves work really fast and things go smoothly!
Just the way I like it!

This was day 1. 
Day 2 and Day 3 were just the same. 
The elves quit on Day 1!

P.S.-Some of you gals probably have other ideas about how to make things run smooth.
This is what works for me!


MarlaQuack said...

You really are amazing. That level of organization has thus far eluded me.

Anonymous said...

The last time I was making several recipes of dough, I put the flour in ziploc bags rather than bowls. This worked out better than a bowl when I was adding the flour through the opening on the mixer shield. Pouring from the side of the bag made a chute right in and barely any landed outside of the mixer bowl.

Jaclyns Cookies said...

Wow! Did you make 35 dozen cookies with 1 5qt mixer?!? That requires some serious organization, which you obviously have!
I like the ziplock back suggestion, I'll have to try that!
And I need to get me some elves!

Shanna said...

I aspire to your level of organization but I'm not quite there yet. Thanks for demonstrating your method. I've got three orders totaling 9 dozen for next week and already know I'll run short of time.