Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman.
Ree Drummond.
Ring a bell?

She's pretty well-known...
She knows how to cook, bake, homeschool, entertain, and she has a blog
full of great goodness!
She is such a warm and friendly person on her FOOD Network show
and in person she's exactly the same! 
 It was like watching the show LIVE.
The Pioneer Woman was in Tempe, Arizona over the weekend having a booksigning event. 
We've known about this event for a long time and when we found out about the date,
we had a problem (or so I thought it was a problem)!

My 8 year old daughter Allison was scheduled to have her very first piano concert
on the same day as the booksigning! 
 April 28, 2012
Since Allison is also a HUGE Pioneer Woman fan,
we had to talk about it and I left the decision up to her.

Piano concert?
Pioneer Woman?

Either way, I was okay with whatever she decided.
Without a blink of an eye, she picked the chance to meet The Pioneer Woman!
In fact, I kept asking her and the outcome was always the same-
Pioneer Woman.
I was a bit surprised because she's been going to piano lessons for a long time
and it would have been her first concert performance.
There was no changing her mind.
*She also said she'll have plenty of concerts in the future!
This was right before the event started.  Allison was so excited!

The book signing was going to be at the Changing Hands Bookstore but was then changed to a high school auditorium because they anticipated a large turn out--boy were they right!
The auditorium was packed!
Over 600 fans!

While we waited for the "star of the show" to arrive,
the bookstore host explained that
Ree Drummond AKA The Pioneer Woman has made it clear that she would stay as long as she needed to in order to sign
And she took pics with EVERYONE!
What a gal! 
Even more of a reason to adore her!


Of course, we had to take her some sweet treats.
Every occasion calls for cookies.

We arrived a few hours early to secure a signing ticket, and we were so happy we did!

Ree Drummond was funny, dressed very cute as usual, and just as pleasant as can be!
Since we had a good ticket number, we didn't wait too long in the signing line
(going early really paid off!).
She signed our books,
 oohed and ahhed over the cookie treats,
 and we were on our way!

What a great day!
Next year, we'll have to go to the piano concert.


Jenni said...

So jealous of you! WOW! I wish I could have gone to listen to her/meet her! Love that your daughter picked her and loves her just as much as you do (and I do)!

Would not be surprised if I read about your sweet treats on her blog one day...just sayin', they are that good!

Kris said...

That looked like a fun day with your daughter and the Pioneer Woman... I am sure she loved your cookies..

MarlaQuack said...

So Fun! I've also been a fan of hers for years.

Nikki K said...

You got a GREAT photo too! What a great experience!