Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 I'm not a runner.
Never have been.

When my daughter was around 12 years old,
I was surprised when she tried out for the Cross Country team at school and 
She is a natural!
Maybe she took after my "mind" 
because in my mind I always wished I could be a runner!
She now runs at her high school and says that she'll ALWAYS be a runner!

I've learned a few things about running and runners-

Runners are strong, and have stamina!
They run in a variety of environments and that is the challenge!
Hills, grass, dirt, dessert, cold climate, hot climate--they can run in all of it!

They enjoy running long distances and their body is like a well oiled machine!  

They are competing against their own time and want to get better with each race.
If they shave 4 seconds off their previous race time, that is a WIN!

Although they compete as a "team" in high school,
there is a fierce tiger in each runner who wants to be the BEST!
Or maybe beat a "friend" right at the finish line.

Shoes matters!
If you don't have the right shoes, it just won't workout.

What I've learned to appreciate is that runners are true athletes!
Running is hard on the entire body, 
and requires strength, stamina, and perseverance!

PS-Parents of a runner can get "crazy"!
Not me, just sayin'.