Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Little Details-BLACK SUGAR PEARLS=eyes

 If you're a cookier,
 you know that the little details can really be a life-saver when decorating.

It can be a technique,
it can be a tool,
it can be these little treasures!
Black. Sugar. Pearls.
LOVE these!

Until a year ago, I would just add eyes using black icing.
If you know me, you know I hate dislike black icing.
So then my wonderful friend Kris from  So Cute Cookies
introduced me to these. 
 I was hesitant to use them because 
I figured they'd bleed just like the icing eyes (my way of adding eyes) sometimes did.
Then I tried them.

Another favorite thing of mine.
(I've heard that the Wilton ones bleed--I've never tried them)

You can buy them at Karen's Cookies.
If you see them, buy them because sometimes they're hard to find.

I just might need to try all of the other colors too!

When I used them for the above cookies, 
I placed them right where I wanted them to be 
so they sink right into the icing while it's still wet.


Nikki K said...

I've never tried the Wilton brand because they're not black but more of a charcoal grey. I've heard they bleed so I'm glad I found the CK brand in the beginning of my cookie journey.