Monday, July 8, 2013

Cookie Cutter LOVE

I have a bazillion (over 500) cutters but I always go to this one.

I wanted to share a cookie cutter that is now one of my FAVORITES.
It's this cutter from Cristin's Cookies.

5.5" LARGE Birthday Sign (8-letters) COOKIE CUTTER

I like how it's NOT huge 
and you can use it for a variety of messages.

After you've cut out the dough,
you can even cut off a few tiles for a smaller word like
HAPPY (I did that below) 
or a name that has 8 letters or less.

Now go and check out Cristin's Cookies on ETSY.
There are so many one of a kind cutters!
She, herself decorates cookies 
so she knows the ins/outs of creating a useful cutter.


Cristin's Cookies said...

Wow Jackie! You've done a fabulous job with all of these platters! Beautiful! I love how you show the versatility of the birthday sign! Thanks for the shout-out! Cristin

Nikki K said...

This cutter is on my wishlist for sure!