Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Friend Stella and a Tablespoon of LOVE

 I have a dear friend named Stella.
She LOVES Oprah just like I do.
She's one tough cookie.
She's BRAVE.
She's pretty.
She knows just what to say 
she knows when to just listen.
She'll give me her most expensive purse if I ask for it 
without blinking an eye!
(she knows my love for purses)

I cherish our friendship!
I think I cherish it more now than I did way back in high school.

When I got the order for these cookies, 
I was missing my friend Stella a lot because I had
just returned from visiting her Arkansas a few days before.
These cookies were for a little girl turning 5.
Guess what the little girls name is?
Such a God thing!

I poured some extra LOVE in these cookies--
in fact an extra tablespoon!