Friday, April 26, 2013

Tool of the Trade--KopyKake Projector

Some weeks are busy cookie decorating weeks.
This week was a BUSY week.
As I was cleaning up my craft room today, 
I came across all of these.

These are the images I used in some form or another with my Kopy Kake Projector.

I realized just how much 
I rely on my KK.
It's a tool--a very useful tool for me!
Have a great weekend!

This is some of what left my house today.


Nikki K said...

I would love to have a Kopykake but my kitchen (and house) are so small that I wouldn't know where to keep it. Believe it or not, I make all my cookies and royal icing with a hand mixer. Yep! Just think of the biceps I'll have!