Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tools of the Trade--for me

When preparing to make cookie dough,
I like to have things in order.
I like to have all the necessary ingredients ready for my assembly line of ONE!

I usually prepare several batches at once, 
so having some ingredients measured
 and ready to go is very helpful for me.

I take out the amount of eggs I'm going to need 
and place them in the nifty, yellow"egg holder" 
which holds enough eggs for 6 batches (1 dozen eggs).
I'm sure it has a fancy name but for me it's an egg holder. 
I bought it at Kohl's for about $5.00 after using a zillion coupons and Kohl's cash.
The price is actually $11.89

I also like to have my extracts/flavorings already measured
 so I use these cute little Asian cups.

I bought them at a local Asian market and they're actually used for Saki Bomber shots!
I've also seen them at restaurant supply store which had a huge assortment of Asian goods.
They're the perfect size for the amount of flavoring I use. 

These tools make the preparation of cookie dough a bit faster and organized for me.
What are your favorite tools for your trade?


The Cookie Puzzle said...

Great tips...I pre-measure my flour and sugar, as I buy them in 25 lbs bags...but never thought of pre-measuring my vanilla....and the egg tip...great idea...I can not tell you how many times I have panicked wondering if I added an egg to to my dough or need to find an egg holder...and with Easter so close, I hope it will be easy! Thanks again!

Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

Me too--Cookie Puzzle! I've been known to question if the flavoring or eggs or sugar was put in! These tools are a lifesaver on occasion.


Hannah's Auntie said...

I bought this great little Betty Crocker Paddle Cutting board at the Dollar Tree. After ruining the edges of a zillion cookies, I started decorating the cookie on this, and when I am done and ready to transfer to the sheet pan to dry, I just slide it right off. No more messed up edges!! They are available at the Dollar Tree website.

Nikki K said...

I love my icing bowls that I found at Target. I also love all my spatulas. I'm kind of obsessed with spatulas but not as bad as my cookie cutter obsession!