Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Slipping! No Sliding!

When I take photos of cookies, 
I have a particular plate that I like to use.
It's glass so it's slippery.
I usually stand at my kitchen counter and place the cookies on the plate--
but...when I arrive at the sunny window or sometimes outside on my porch, 
the cookies are no longer in the exact spot where I placed them on the plate.
They slip and move around.
So I decided I needed to place them on something that would help them "stick" to the plate.
I came up with an idea--clear saran wrap pieces

They stayed in placed while I walked from my kitchen to the
"photo studio" on my porch.

Oh how I love saran wrap!


Kris from SoCuteCookies said...

Brilliant idea... I use saran wrap on my cookie platters so they don't slide off. I will totally use this idea for taking pics... My big fear is losing the finished cookies as i transport them to my photo spot! Thanks Jackie...

CookieD-oh said...

Great idea! I was thinking recently that I just need to go ahead and buy stock in Saran Wrap. lol