Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kopy Kake--Do you LOVE it?

I've been asked quite a few questions about having a Kopy Kake.
A KK is a type of overhead projector that helps you project an image on something like a cookie, cake, paper, etc. 

My first response is
"I LOVE it".

So I decided to go through some pictures to "see" exactly why I love my KK and if it has really helped me take my cookie decorating "UP" a level.

I like to use a variety of fonts when writing on  cookies and for that,
This reason alone is why I originally bought the KK.
I'm obsessed with fonts!

Sometimes I'm asked for logos or pictures I can't create with a cookie cutter--
 so I use my KK.

The gun below 


Superman Logo

Dancer Logo

Spidey face

Angry Birds faces
(it was a lifesaver for these!!!)

Mustaches that look uniform--love these!

 For these soccer balls alone, 
it was worth the $150!

Darth Vader

One Direction logo

The image below was given to me by the customer.
It's an image that's printed on a t-shirt.

Character Cookies

Do you like it? YES!
Was it worth the money? ($150)--Ten times over!
Do you use it often? ALL. THE. TIME!


Hannah's Auntie said...

Mine just arrived last week. I haven't had a chance to use it. What font do you find you use the most, and normally what range of size? I can't wait to get done with what I have to work on so that I can start playing with my new toy

Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

@ Hannahs Auntie- I like to use fonts that have sraight lines if that makes sense. I don't typically like "swirly" type fonts.

I try to match the font to the order--fun order=fun font. Simple order=simple font.

I know, I put waaaaay too much thought into fonts!