Friday, January 18, 2013

No Clownin' Around

Okay. So I'm not a "clown" person.
So I thought!
When my customer asked for a few clowns on her platter, 
I kinda thought "sure".
I don't like the idea of a clown with red hair or lips, or nose---red anything!
since my customer had already said she wanted NON RED colors, it was a go!

I've NEVER made a clown cookie but figured that I could just look on the Internet 
for cookie ideas--easy right?
Not!  I just couldn't find one that caught my eye!  
Even Sugar Belle didn't have one--WHAT???
So I looked through some clip-art for inspiration and came across this cute thing--

I started to "see" a cookie
and a LION head.
I used the Wilton LION head cutter that comes in a three pack with an elephant and monkey.
I also use a few minis and a circle to make an imprint of the clowns face.

I did some "piecing" together for the cute hats. 

And here you go!
CUTE clowns!
I realized that I DO like clowns--
cute ones that do not have any red on them!

Happy Birthday twins!
You just never know when your thinking power is going to get a workout!


SimplySweetsbyHoneybee{Melissa} said...

Great job of piecing the cookies together. I have never liked clowns ever since the movie It.