Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

UPDATE: Sugar Fairy you are the winner of these cute little cutters. 
I'll email you shortly to get the details.

I just spent a family vacation at the happiest place on Earth--Disneyland!
We go there often and each time we love it
 just as much as before.
This time, I had a new appreciation for all the things around me--
It was cookie inspiration ALL AROUND!
Texture, color, shapes--so many ideas!

This was a jar display in one of the stores--LOVE it!
I want this for my craft room!

I can see a cookie of that seaweed!

Speaking of cookies, they sell cookies.
$4.95 each
Take a look.
They were as hard as a rock hard.
My daughter wanted to buy one to taste it---ummmm NO.

I did find a cute cookie cutter set.
I like this set because these cutters are not too large and would look great on a platter.

Since I couldn't NOT share with you,
I bought an extra set.
If you want them,
leave a comment about ANYTHING Disney related
 and I'll pick a winner (the old fashion way--out of a hat)
on Friday, October 19th.
And since I'm still HAPPY about being at Disneyland,
This is open to anyone--anywhere!
Be sure to include your email address so I can notify you if you win!
Good luck!
I LOVE Disneyland. 



Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

I love Disneyland and am lucky to be living in So. California so it's close by - I've probably gone a few dozen times in my life!

Cherrie said...

My favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell. I have been to Disneyland twice. I hope to go soon with my grand children who have never been. It should be fun seeing their excitement through their eyes.

Cherrie said...

I forgot to add my email

Teresa said...

I love Mickey but don't have a cutter so winning would be awesome!

Teri said...

Disney is one of my favorite places! I always say that I just want to live there!

Nannette said...

Disneyland....if only!

We live way down on the bottom of the earth in New Zealand so visiting Disneyland has always been a dream, one day I hope to take my daughter...she so deserves it!

I am new to cookie land so I would love to add these to my expanding cookie cutter collection.

I love ALL the Disney princesses.

Nannette from

SugarFairy said...

I love Disney because no matter how old or young you are you are always a kid at Disney!! What a great place to go for fun!!! Oh and winning the cutter set would be awesome too!!!


Nichole said...

We love Disney. We have been to Disney World twice and Disneyland several times.


SugarFairy said...

I just emailed you with my information...I can't believe I won these!!!! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!!!


Nikki K said...

Oh my gosh, this post is so funny. I just spent my birthday at Disneyland on the 1st and saw those cookies. Did you see the orange traffic cone cookie? My friend couldn't figure out what it was. I looked like a wonky orange sombrero!

Even funnier, I just bought the same set of cookie cutters!

Yes, I'm a 40-something "kid" with no children who still spends her birthday at Disneyland! I even have an annual pass. Laugh if you want but I'm proud of my Disney obsession!