Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Favorites Things

Love the funki-ness of these guys!
And the colors too.

I LOVE the font on these.
I think a certain font can make the platter!

LOVE birds!
I really love the mint green here.

LOVE this color combo-
gray and raspberry.

These creatures were just plain ol' fun to make!

I love the texture of the wood background.
Sometimes I appreciate the suuroundings more than the cookie!

I love the simplicity of these apples.

I just like this cookie box.
To me it says HAPPY.

I love the packaging
The colors.
The simpke cookies.

This is one of my favorite birthday sets.
Not sure why--just is.
I think it's the swirls.

One of my favorite flowers.

These are just funky.
Perfect for a teen.

Favorite character cookies.
This little pig--Peppa Pig
is just to cute!

Favorite place in my craft room--
COOKIE cutter storage

Favorite season to make cookies.
Theres something about FALL-
when creating I feel like there are NO RULES
with color, swirls, or dots.

My favorite place to be.
With my family at Disneyland!
That's where I'll be for the next few days!
No cookies.
No color mixing.
No cutters-(although I'll be looking for some new ones).
Just having fun!