Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Birdies

These are for a very sweet mom celebrating her birthday.
Recently, I've had the opportunity to drop off cookies to her house quite a few times.
Just because.

When her kids come to the door,
 they are the SWEETEST, KINDEST kids and they warm my heart.
Every time!
They remind me of little birdies, enjoying the safety of their nest and each other.

 So when I got an order for her birthday cookies,
it took a few days to come up with the vision.
Then I thought about her kids, and how they remind me of little birdies.

The quilt came to mind because they are moving (military)
and wherever they go,
they add a little patch of love to their "life quilt".

When I dropped the cookies off this morning,
she told me shoe LOVES quilts.
Must've been a God thing.

Happy Birthday!
Safe travels.

The large bird cutter is from Ecrandal.
The little birdies are just a paisley.

The message cookies
(center and the purple Happy Birthday ones)
are from
Karen's Cookies
LOVE these message cutters and they don't cost a billion bucks!