Sunday, August 5, 2012

School and A Quiet House

 Around here in Arizona,
many kids go back to school tomorrow!
It's still 150 degrees outside,
but I guess that doesn't matter!

There will be lots of sad (and happy) moms and dads
as they send their kids off to school.
Although my kids drove me batty on many a few days of summer,
it's going to be quite around my house during the day.
Who is going to watch cooking shows with me?
Who will have 11:00 ice-tea with me?

And for those who have a child starting kindergarten,
I bet you're wondering where the time went!
Like Zane's momma!

The above cookies were made for Zane.
Here's the 'thank you' note he gave me!

Good luck kids!
Good luck moms and dads!
Have a great year!