Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just some cookies

  This is what I've been doing the past couple of days

Some cute cookies for a SUPER Teacher!
Of course, you know I think ALL teachers are amazing!
The fact that they go to school each and pour into all of the kids is SUPER!
But before they actually teach, they do a bazillion other things.
They have a hard job!
And no, they don't take it easy in the summer!
They work, they take classes, and they excitedly prepare for the next group of kiddos!
And they take classes--did I already say that?

For a sweet friend who happens to like sunflowers.
I could've made her a superhero too--
She is a SUPER woman!

These are for a dear lady to give to her daughter!
There are just some people who will always get a "yes" from me!
This gal is one of the first people who encouraged me to jump on the cookie adventure!
She motivated!
She believed in me!
She will always get a yes when it comes to cookies--
even if it's the day beofre the event!
There you go!