Monday, July 23, 2012

Custom Cookies JUST FOR YOU

What is a custom cookie?
All cookies created and decorated by The Cookie Corner are custom cookies. 
 A custom cookie is a cookie treat made specifically for you and your event. 
The colors, shapes of cookies, and packaging used are chosen with YOUR event in mind. 
Some people may think
Yes, while they ARE just cookies, 
they are cookies made especially for you! 
Hot Air Ballons
These balloons were made for a baby shower that had a theme
hot air balloons and the colors of teal, orange, and hot pink

These cookies evolved from...
For a sweet gal moving from Arizona to North Carolina
Moving back to be "home" with family
She has great friends in AZ and will be greatly missed
She'll be driving

The theme is "Korean" 1st birthday celebration
the colors are raspberry, gray, black, white
Somehow incorporate the Korean symbols

These were...
For a young couple moving to San Francisco (following their hearts)
They'll be driving
They both love music
He also just graduated

These were for a group of gals having a lunch potluck
Celebrating the end of a school year
Ready for SUMMER!