Friday, May 18, 2012

Thinking Out of the Box

 she's grduating from high school
the school colors are navy and gold
Who said you have to be just like everyone else?
Carlee is NOT like everyone else!

Congrats Carlee!


The Cookie Puzzle said...

OMG! I love these! I think I am connecting the're in Arizona....I have a friend in Arizonza....her name is Caron...she has an Amazing Daughter named Carlee who graduated on Thursday..Carlee loves bright colors...I think these cookies just might be for my friends daughter...that is sooo cool...and the cookies are sooo cool...I just know she LOVED them!

***** said...

You are right! These were for your friend Caron! Small world!

Bubbles Bath Boutique said...

LOL.. I just saw this. It is a small world. You both make amazing cookies. Both sets were very special to us. The only problem is they all look good and we didn't know whether to eat them or just keep them. We ATE them <3