Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boxes. Boxes. Boxes.

I love boxes. 
It's a secret little addiction I have.
I think boxes can "tie it all together"
"make the sale".
I'm always on the hunt for boxes and guess what?
 BRP Boxshop is going to come out with some new cookie boxes very soon!
 Very, very soon my friends!
Hang tight!
 Not only do they have great boxes, but they also have the best customer service around!

This is Kip and Connie from BRP Boxshop.
You may talk to these great people if you ever call the customer service line.
(they have a secret LOVE for packaging just like me!)

The window box below came from BRP.  I was able to fit 15 cookie favors in it (3 layers).
I love when a customer can see the cookies as I hand them over--priceless!
This is why I LOVE my "job".

These are other boxes to demonstrate my LOVE for boxes.
They came from various places--like I said before, 
I'm always on the hunt for boxes!

 Have a great day!
Visit BRP Boxshop--you won't be disappointed!


Nicole Burris said...

I LOVE boxes too! I've been trying to find boxes like the ones you have in the pictures!!

I just have an unspoken love for "brown paper packages tied up with string. These are just a FEW of MY favorite things!!!"

Please share which ones you use.


***** said...

@ Nicole-
So glad to meet another person who enjoys the packaging part! Nashville Wraps has some kraft packaging. BRP Boxshop has a lot of kraft packaging (biggest selection) and they are going to be adding some new boxes soon. The big cake boxes I use are actually white cake boxes but I use the kraft side instead. I get those from a local distributor here in AZ. I love my end product to look "natural with a hint of color"---just my style.
Happy packaging!

Nicole Burris said...

I am a big believer in the phrase presentation is EVERYTHING. So I do my best to make my packing look as good as my cookies taste. Not to mention the that I am obsessive compulsive and a perfectionist. It drives my hubby CRAZY but I also think it is one of the things that helps me stand out. The down sound to that is I do it with EVERYTHING and often stress myself out with it. lol.

Based on the images I have seen from you, I know you can relate. That is one of the reasons I started following.