Friday, April 20, 2012

Tools, tools, tools!

Since I'm in Kentucky getting educated about cookie decorating,
I figured I'd share a little tidbit with you!

There are MANY handy tools to use in the world of cookie decorating,
but I find cookie cutters to be on the top of my list!
Not just to cut out the main shape of a cookie,
but to add the details!

When I'm creating a cookie of a certain image or character,
I realllllllly like for all of the cookies to look the SAME. 
So...I use some tools. 
 This is the lion I was trying to create--cute huh!

 These are the tools I used to cut out the head
create a guide for the lions face.

I cut out the head just like usual
but I knew I could make a "guide" for his face by using other cutters 
I shaped the big part of the face with an oval

 then I imprinted the ears with a small oval

 Baked as usual
They all have the same imprint for me to follow!
Cheating I know!

I proceeded as usual.



 add details

wrap him up with his pals
Send him on his way!

Like I said,
 tools are all around you!

Have a great weekend!

I can't wait to share details about the
Spring Fling in Kentucky!

Come back next week!


Nicole Burris said...

So cute and VERY clever! Great job.

Nicole Burris

paddle attachment said...

So cute (and uniform)! I love this tip, plus the sugar outline on the lion's face. Thank you!!!