Saturday, March 24, 2012

GNOME Challenge

Every now and then (I'm lying, this was actually the first)
I get a call from...a 12 year old (soon to be 13!)
who knows exactly what she wants for her birthday party.

Her request was for GNOMES, and red and blue are the main colors.
I just love a customer who has a vision!

Soooo of course, I got excited because I have never
decorated GNOME cookies or mushrooms/toadstools.

Then I got a little "panicky" because I have never decorated GNOMES or mushroom cookies!
Here's a sneeky peek
Tomorow I'll post the finished platter!
Thank you Teagan for pushing me to take on a challenge!
PS-If I ever have a bakery, this gal is hired!

Finished product

 Instead of a cake she wanted a cookie platter
and EVERYONE needs a candle to make a wish on their birthday
so I created a little candle hold "cookie style"

Meet Teagan

Her party was at a CUTE little candy shop named SMEEKS in the heart of Phoenix
(Central Avennue and Camelback)
This store is loaded with every candy you can imagine
"vintage-y" feel
so colorful
they have an old time photo booth in the store (I might go there just for the photo booth)

I hope your birthday was awesome Teagan!
I enjoyed it!


LilaLoa said...

Jackie -- Those gnomes are SO CUTE!! And I am in love with the cookie candle holder!!!!!!