Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration Cafe

Like I've said before, much of my cookie ideas and color inspiration come from everyday things. But there is one place that is like DISNEYLAND for me...Hobby Lobby!  I can walk around for a long time just taking it all in.

My favorite part of the store is the fabric section.  I gather many color combinations right there in that little area. It's like my very own INSPIRATION CAFE! My head starts to spin after a few minutes and I feel sorry for the gal who is cutting fabric that day because I always take 1/8 of a yard in all the patterns that catch my brown eyes (she's really nice and knows exactly what I'm using the fabric for and understands my crazyness--well she at least smiles like she does).

I went there yesterday sans children and husband and I. was. inspired.  Really inspired!
When I got home, I had an email with a cookie order and the customer said, "I'll let you pick colors and such--I trust you".  Did she know I had just returned from Hob Lob with new fabric?

I can "see" the final product already!