Friday, January 20, 2012

Cookie Cake

I'm always in "cookie mode"! 
While others think about where they want to vacation,
or what car they'd like to drive...
I'm thinking about HOW I can create something from or with cookies.
Another cookie gal calls it COOKIE THINK.

So we needed a birthday cake--kinda last minute.
Since I am only a cookie decorator,
 I could see what I wanted in my head using a cake and cookies.

I found these party paper goods at TARGET in the clearance section sometime last summer. 
 I decided to use them as my "guide".

I thought and thought about making the cake myself,
 then I remembered that I'm not a "cake gal"
(someday maybe)

So I bought a cake from a local grocery store who has the BEST cakes (Basha's)
then came home to make the accessories for the cake.


Put it all together and this is what you get...

Happy Birthday Mom!

PS- Did you know that Sandra Lee (no connection) has an entire 30 minute show on the Food Network
dedicated to creating great parties and such using
85% store bought goods and the rest from home.
My kind of gal!