Friday, March 18, 2011

Purple Ladybug

My Nana! 
 Wow- what can I say?  This past Wednesday was two years that she moved on to her next journey.  I miss her and think of her--at the most random times.
We always talked about food and what we liked to eat.
She also liked my color of lipstick and would always comment on it.  The Christmas before she passed away I bought her a fancy, pink, sparkly lipstick case and the same lipstick I wear--she loved it.  
She loved the color purple--any shade of purple.  The color if this ladybug was probably her favorite.  She had purple shoes, purple blouses, purple pants, purple jewelry--she loved purple!  The beads in this picture once belonged to her.

I bet she would've loved this cookie too!

She was a "spicy" lady--I'm surprised her favorite color was not RED. 
I miss her.