Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ladybugs and Other Things

Abbi is my independent child. 
 She likes to discover things on her own rather than be told.  
Since she was a little girl, she would spends hours in the backyard just "looking" at things. 
 She would look at bugs, rocks, leaves, ANYTHING! 
She would just observe and sometimes poke or prod with a stick but mostly just "watch". 
Then she'd come in and explain her theory about ants, ladybugs, grass, dead leaves or rocks.
She's now 14 and she still does this. 
But now she has a partner--Allison. 
They sit outside for long periods of time just "watchin" the things of nature around them.
Then they come in and share their observations and theories.  

The ladybugs on the the flower cookies reminded me a these memories.