Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Fling Recap--LONG!!! Grab Your Sweet Tea and Take A Seat!

All because two sisters had an idea...
Kay and May from
 The first annual
Spring Fling was born!
Louisville, Kentucky 2012

We practiced saying LOUISVILLE all weekend!
Still doesn't sound quite right!

We started Friday morning off with a delicious breakfast at Lynn's.
The pictures speak for themselves!

This guy was was one the employees!
Great food!
Great place!
Great start!

Then off to Churchill Downs
This is where the Kentucky Derby takes place each year.

 Hats in the museum

This is the room where the jockeys wait before the race. 
It has not ever been renovated because the jockeys are superstitious.
So it IS very dated.

 Locker Room
Nothing fancy
Again, dated.

 This room is on the 3rd floor.
It's where the rich and famous hang out while they're watching the derby.
The closer their seat is to the window, the higher the ticket price. 

 View of the track from upstairs.
Notice the horseshoe on the right--that's where the winner is crowned.
  Practicing with beautiful headpieces
Just in case we decide to attend the "Derby"

On Friday evening, we met "the gals"
and "the guy" (Mike)

Karen from Karen's Cookies
Glory from Glorious Treats
Pam from Cookie Crazie
Callye The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle
(see Mr. Mike's pic below)

We had the opportunity to do several Q&A discussions

Mike and Karen
We all know them,
we all order from them, and we all really like this team!
They are the sweetest couple EVER!
Mike is the one who always adds a bag of sprinkles to your order.

Here's Ali talking about brushed embroidery.
I've never tried it, but since we practiced
 I think I can do it now!

Here's Karen giving a demo of the "bullet" trick for icing
I think I'm going to try it!

Here's Mary Ann, Karen and Pam answering the bazillion questions we had for them.

MaryAnn also talked about her thinking process when planning out a platter of cookies
balance of color and shape
the right size cookies
Have FUN!
Thanks MaryAnn

Pam talked about glaze.
We had the chance to work a little bit with glaze and it's not so scary after all!


Here's Glory showing us how she captures great photos.
She has a makeshift "studio" near her front window and that's where the magic happens.

She gave some GREAT ideas about how to add life to a plate of cookies by using accessories, 
scrapbook paper, and giving depth to the cookies by arranging them strategically!
I just love her passion for not only making sweet treats,
but putting effort into the presentation as well!
Presentation is everything!
We were able to practice making a favor bag that was not a regular favor bag,
 but a jazzed up one!
Thanks Glory!!! 
This gal is as real as it gets!

...and Callye, she was hanging out with some attendees
She spoke about repurposing cutters,
thinking beyond the basics,
and looking for inspiration all around!

She was as sweet as pie!
Kris, Debbie, Callye, Me, Christine , and Alyson

Look at all of these fabulous Kentucky themed cookies!

The entire weekend went fast!
We did a lot in a short amount of time.
To me, it was like being on the  Cookiers R Us forum only in person!

It was nice to meet people that I've been chattin' with for awhile (over a year).
I felt like I already knew them!

I met some new friends too--like this lovely lady below!
My Detroit friend!

The St. Louis Gals

Chit chattin' (cookie talk of course!) in the hotel lobby

 Julie , Jaclyn , &  Marla
Julie, Cindy, Jaclyn, & Brandy
 Kris and JoAnn

Me & Lesley from Frosted by Lesley

this gal decorates BEAUTIFUL cookies with fondant!
check out her site!

Cynthia and Nancy

I loved the weather, the green hills, the homes...
 everything about Kentucky!
I could live there!
Many of you probably see houses like this all the time
so these may not be so exciting to you.

I LOVED the homes I saw in KY!  Dreamy!
In Arizona, we have track homes and they all look alike!
Stucco. Tan. BLAH!

It was a great weekend!

More to come in a few days!
If you're reading this and I didn't provide a link to your blog/site/Flickr page
and you'd like me to,
send me an email!


Anonymous said...

You did a great job telling all - - but you forgot to mention that YOU won the "Kentucky cookie" contest!!! Post the photos of those gorgeous cookies, love!


have A cookie said...

Thanks! It looks like everyone had a great time and learned a lot! I can not wail till next year! Oh and congratulations on you cookies taking 1st place!

Jenni said...

what a great weekend you had! looked like a blast! cookie heaven!

congrats on your winnings! not surprised, your cookies not only look beautiful, but taste delicious!

btw, i saw abbi while you were gone and she said she missed you, thought it was so sweet!

Kris said...

What a terrific blog post! You told a great story and had some great photos! Thanks for sharing the car, the company and all the laughs, my new friend!

Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience :)

Mellody said...

I love the pictures of the wonderful people and places in Kentucky! (Love the houses too!)

Jaclyn's Cookies said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm so glad you got pictures at Lynn's. I was upset that I didn't bring my camera once I saw how fun it was! And thanks for linking me!

MarlaQuack said...

It was so very fun to meet you!